“New Orleans Lawn Care” Is A Great Service

lawn careMany people think lawn mowing is a mundane task that anyone can do well. Actually, the opposite is true. That is why it is important to hire a professional lawn service to have that lush beautiful lawn that is so inviting.

To have a beautiful yard you need to find a  lawn care service in New Orleans that provides lawn and landscaping  services  at a great price. They need to  understand how to increase the density of the lawn while decreasing weeds. Depending on the type of grass, it will be cut at the recommended height to insure a beautiful lawn. They understand that cutting the grass to close can have a detrimental effect by producing ugly brown patches, increasing the vulnerability of disease and pests by straining the root system. If sunlight reaches the weed seeds, they will likely germinate.

Inexperienced cutters often mow when the grass is wet which creates a real mess or in the hottest part of the day. To avoid damage to the grass, this dependable service sharpens and balances mower blades so that the cuts are even and uniform. For upright growth, they change the mowing pattern each time they cut because grass leans in the direction in which it is mowed. The process of mulching puts nitrogen back in the soil creating a healthier lawn. This service uses a mulching lawn mower to cut grass clippings into small pieces. These trimmings quickly decompose because they are approximately eighty-five percent water thus nursing the lawn with valuable nutrients to help prevent fungal disease. For more information, please visit New Orleans Lawn Care. You can also find their address below.

New Orleans Lawn Care
1929 Bradford Pl
Harvey, LA 70058
(504) 504-255-2354